Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I want this book

Sewing Green by Betz White

It would be like a Holy Grail for re purposing.

Check out the giveaway here

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guest Blogger - A Little Tipsy

Today I'm so happy to be swapping with Michelle from over at A Little Tipsy. She has such fun ideas. I'll let her do the talking here, and after you've seen her creative goodness stop by her blog to check out my post. So here she is...

Hello There! I am so excited to be here on Cupkateer today! There is nothing I like more than a sweet treat and a little craftiness!

Michelle, from A Little Tipsy here, taking the wheel for the day!

Nope not drunk (what a relief you will not be taking your tour with a drunk driver), I may or may not be a bit clumsy though.

A little about me, I am a SAHM with one crazy two year old boy and Prince Computer Geek for a husband (don't worry, he calls himself a geek). I am totally in to projects you can do on a tiny budget during nap time. So, enough about me, let's get to the good stuff! Here are a few of my all time favorite posts:

Do you love gourmet caramel apples, but don't love the price tag? Make your own gourmet caramel apples with this easy recipe! You could make them super fun with pink chocolate or sprinkles for Valentine's Day!

Here is an entire basket of fun baby shower gifts you can make! Trust me, I had not sewn in 15 years and I made all of this! Which tutorial do you want? Car seat cover, Ribbon embellished burp cloths, Teddy Bear hooded towel, Diaper card cover, Gift identification tags.

One of my New Years Goals was to go on a planned date out once a month. We upped the ante and are now doing a date in after our little one is in bed on the weeks we don't go out. Here is last week's What if We Met in High School Date Idea. We had so much fun with this!

It was the second post in my weekly series "Show a Little Love" (ideas on showing love to Spouse's, Parents, Neighbors, etc) that posts on Monday's. The series that will go at least through Valentine's Day. Come on over and link up your projects and ideas!

This is a fun card I developed to personalize my wedding gifts.
Here's a Toast to the Happy Couple Wedding Gift Idea

If you have one of these around, you probably hat it as much as I did.
Update a Brassy light fixture

Well, I guess that about wraps things up. Thanks to the Cupkateer for swappin' it up and thanks to you for letting me be your tour guide today. Watch your step on the way out and be sure to swing by and visit soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ahh... the gift of sight

Hello all! Did you think I'd fallen off the planet? I might as well have.

Before I get to my excuse for being absent from blog land for a whole month, I wanted to tell all of you who read this blog THANK YOU! You are all amazing I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and emails I receive. While I was away we surpassed 100 followers. WOW, thank you!

OK, back to my excuse/sob story. Christmas was great! Busy but great. My wonderful aunt who loves to spoil me, and over does it, gave me Lasik eye surgery for my birthday/Christmas. I have had glasses since I was 5 years old, so I really don't remember life being able to see. So, right after the New Year I went to San Diego for the surgery. It went great, all things considered. Prior to the surgery he explained that my astigmatism was too severe for one treatment, and that most likely I would need to have the procedure done twice. I went ahead with it, hopeful that he would suprise himself and I would be cured with one treatment. Turns out he knew what he was talking about, so I have had more than a week of CRAPPY vision.

If any of you have had Lasik, you know that your vision gradually "comes in" (apparently some people can see 20/20 the day after surgery, it that's you... don't talk to me) The end of last week I was seeing 20/70. That is GREAT compared to where I started, but not good enough to drive, it was hard to read, the computer was challenging to see, and sewing was almost out of the question. One day, I cried over a pile of dust after sweeping. I honestly had no idea my floors were so dirty! And I was appalled I had let Magoo play in that filth for so long (can you say I was a tad bit emotional?)

Today I was seeing 20/30 in one eye, 20/40 in the other. That's legal to drive, although I can't believe they let people drive like this! I have a prescription for new glasses that I will wear for the next few months, then hopefully I will have the Lasik again.

So, moral of story, not being able to see knocks the wind out of your sail. BIG TIME! But can I tell you about all the projects I have planned?
-a minimal sewing child shopping cart cover
-GIRLY cloth diapers for an expectant friend (I don't often get to sew girl fluff)
-an amazing quilt for Magoo's new big kid room (I've really out done myself with this one, don't expect the finished project for a few months)
-an airplane themed baby shower
-an airplane baby quilt (any good ideas? I'm struggling with my final design)
-a few adult recon clothing projects

Do you all forgive me for my absence? Are you excited about what's to come? I know I am.

And since all posts need a picture, and since it's my blog, here's a few of my family

Our recent family pic


Magoo and The Hub after having "home haircuts" by their half blind wife/mother

Frosted Flowers Cardigan Knockoff

Remember this? Due to quite a few requests I am posting the tutorial, even though I haven't completely finished mine. I have a somewhat good excuse as to why it's taken me a month to get this posted, and why I've been absent so long. But that will be another posts.

Well, here's the tutorial:

You will need a cardigan and an old t-shirt. I found the cardigan at the thrift store for $3. The t-shirt I had on hand.

Next print my pedal pattern, or draw your own. This flower is about 3"

Frosted Flowers height="500" width="100%" > value="">
Cut out as many flowers as you can from your t-shirt. I had about 60 flowers. Pin them all over the front of you cardigan.

Unless you want to be board out of your mind I suggest you find something to entertain you during the next part. I like to watch TV episodes I missed on HULU while I sew.

Now, set your machine to a medium zigzag and drop the feed dogs. Tack all 60+ of those flowers in place. I suggest making more than one tack per flower, maybe one at the base of each pedal (4 for each flower). To begin with I only tacked them down in the middle, but when I finished the pedals just hung off the cardigan, not very cute.

If you couldn't find a t-shirt the same color as your cardigan, like me, you can throw the whole thing in a bath of RIT dye when your finished to give you a monotone look. I think I might like it 2 toned? What do you think?

Unfortunately I don't have a finished picture. I haven't finished re-tacking down all of the pedals, and my poor eyesight has killed ALL motivation. But I'd love to see pictures of yours if you try this project.

Good Luck!

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Ornament Wreaths

I know blog land is saturated with ornament wreaths. But can you stand to look at a few more?

This past week my cousins and I got together to make the wreaths. Here we are with the finished result.

My cousin Trisha opted for an evergreen wreath with ornaments attached. This was so easy! I'm thinking about posting a tutorial. Christmas is only a week away so it might end up being more of a winter wreath instead, we'll see.

As far as the frosted flowers cardigan goes. I should have the tutorial up tomorrow. You are going to love it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cinnamon Wassail

This wassail is a must for Christmastime at my house. So yummy!

-1 gallon apple cider or juice
-28 oz. 7-up or Sprite
-30 whole cloves
-4 cinnamon sticks
-1/2 cup cinnamon candies (Red Hots)

Mix ingredients together. Heat, stirring constantly, until candies are melted. Serve Hot.

I like to leave the cloves and cinnamon sticks in for a few hours, then I strain them out. I store it in a pitcher and heat it up by the cup. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frosted Flowers Cardigan Knockoff Coming Soon...

Do you love this sweater? I do to. Regular price is $35 at DownEast Basics. But I'm a cheapskate and won't pay that much. Stay tuned this week for my $4 tutorial.