Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peg Board System

Who hasn't seen this peg board system from Pottery Barn and instantly fell in love? But at a whopping $300 I knew it could be done for less.

So I hunted around and found this tutorial to make something identical. They said their cost was just over $100. Better, but still to steep for cheap ol' me!

I thought and thought and TA DA! Here is what I came up with.

I know it really is nothing like the PB board where I got my inspiration from, but I like it so much better! And, best of all...It was CHEAP!

It has a large magnetic board, 2 fabric covered cork boards, a chicken wire peg board, 2 hooks, and decorative wood letters spelling SEW.

Cost breakdown?
-picture frames: FREE (yes I really had that many black frames lying around)
-sheet metal: $6 (from the duct work section of Lowes)
-Cork board tiles: $6
-Chicken wire: $5
-Fat Quarters of fabric (to cover cork): $1
-wood letters: FREE (had them lying around too)
-Scrapbook paper: FREE (from my stash)
-Knobs: FREE (left over from the kitchen at my old house)
-peg board hangy things: $3 (from the kitchen section at IKEA)

TOTAL: $21

Here are a few detail shots of some of the elements:

This project is so versatile, you could do a chalk board, regular pegboard instead of chicken wire, endless possibilities!

And doesn't it go great with my sewing desk?


Rebekah said...

This is GREAT!! I have a pile of unused frames that would be perfect for this, and despite my best efforts, my craft supplies could still do with some more organization. I love how you took that PB inspiration and ran with it. :)

Kim said...

This is adorable and great use of the frames! Very slick!

Kim said...

This is cute and good use of the frames! Very slick!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That is so cute! Much better than the $300 one!!!

Andy Porter said...

Very cool!! That's more in my price range too. I think it's kind of funny when people say something like,
" I was able to do this all for $150". I can handle the twenties. It all looks great and best of all it's so functional!! Thanks for all the great ideas!
~Andy @ P@P

Tiffany said...

Very cute & I love the colors! I am doing my bedroom in those colors. I also really love the frames with the knobs. Great idea!

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

GET.OUT. What a fun new area to stare at! I love looking at creative success!
Found you VIA Poppies@Play!

~LiSsA~ said...

I love your version even better than PB because you get to make it so absolutely YOU and be exactly what you want/need. Fabulous!

MelanyTN said...

Wow! That is so fun and cute! I love the idea and you're right - you could organize it so many diff ways! Glad I found your blog!

Michelle said...

Love it! I hope to do something fantastic like this in my craft room soon!

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