Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Want to see new posts? Just hang on a minute...

Sorry I have been lacking in posting this past week. I have been in a crafting rut. I have a ton of ideas flying around in my head, but it seems like everything I've tried this past week has been a failure.

I took a break this weekend. Worked on file folder games for my son. Thought I'd start the week refreshed and ready to craft.

Then Sunday night my son started acting sick. After a really rough night I took him into the Dr where they confirmed he had the flu. They only did a general flu test, they said to check for swine flu they would have to send the swab to a lab. But they had stopped sending swabs in because 100% of swabs they'd sent in this past month were positive. So the Dr basically unofficially confirmed swine flu.

Now after being up 2 nights in a row with a sick little boy mama feels like this:

Hang with me. I'll be back to crafting soon.

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