Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life will never be the same again

My life has changed forever! I've discovered 2 things I can't live without. Who knew?

It's a trigger handle that snaps onto any spray paint can. You wouldn't believe how great it is. It produces the most even spray I've every had, your fingers don't get tired, and you won't end up with paint on the tip of your finger. Best of all? I got it for $2 at Walmart. You can't beat that.

Next, do any of you have the Ion Life network? I live in Utah and I just have free over the air television. For me it's channel 16.3 Anyways... there is the coolest show on there. It's called She's Crafty. This gal can craft! I have had such a blast watching her episodes, and I have yet to see a rerun. During the episode she features a tool or item that is handy and a must for your craft tool box. Some of the stuff I'd never even heard of, but now I'm sure I need it for my ever growing stash of craft tools. It is defiantly worth checking out.

It begin as an international show of some sort because she gives you metric measurements. I don't think it's avaliable on the US HGTV


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I want one of those spray paint tools! They look so blissful!

steve said...

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